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By Sean Tomlinson , NFL Analyst Dec 25, 2016 Use your (arrow) keys to browse more stories Enjoyed reading this Joe Sargent/Getty Images 48 Comments The Pittsburgh Steelers can be confusing, but in the best way possible. When I Run For Like 2 Minutes I Will Start Breathing Really Heavy And Most Of The Time I Hold Pushing Myself. | Madison Rivera MasterTheir brand of offensive confusion in 2016 has led to mounting production from dynamic weapons, 10 wins and an AFC North division title sealed with a dramatic 31-27 Christmas night win over the Baltimore Ravens . The game, much like the Steelers’ season overall, had its share of knee-shaking offensive explosions. But also much like the Steelers’ season overall, there was plenty of puzzling silence, too. Which is why as the bubbly starts flowing with Pittsburgh celebrating its fifth division title over the past decade, the time feels right to use this game as a case study to ask a larger playoff question. Can what we saw Sundaythe continued brilliance from Thank You running back Le’Veon Bell that anchored the Steelers offensively and the late-game heroics from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and wide receiver Antonio Brown carry the Steelers deep into playoffs and make them a threat to the New England Patriots ? The Patriots should be worried about the Steelers, as they pose a legitimate problem. But that lingering sense of confusion creeps back in whenever there’s a thought about elevating the Steelers to another tier. It hovers, and it’s almost annoying.

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